Date:20 June, 2013

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An overview of the Rosminian Order

The Rosminians are formally known as the Institute of Charity– I.C.

Antonio Rosmini founded the Institute in 1828 and it was recognised as a Religious Congregation by the Church in 1838.  In the following decades it spread to England, Wales and to Ireland.  Subsequently it was also established in the U.S.  In the past 50 year the Institute has established communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Venezuela, New Zealand and India.

The Rosminians have been in Ireland since the 1840s when the early members included Luigi Gentili.  For many years it was involved in the education of boys at the Industrial Schools of St. Patrick’s Upton and St. Joseph’s Clonmel, at the Secondary Schools of St. Michael’s Omeath and Rosmini College, Dublin, and at St. Joseph’s School for the Visually Impaired, now known as ChildVision.  ChildVision is the National Education Centre for blind children.

For the past 60 years members of the Irish Province have worked in Tanzania where they established the Diocese of Tanga. In the past 10 years they have also worked in Kenya.  Members of the Irish Province work in the parishes of St. Oliver Plunkett’s Parish – Clonmel, Ballyneale Parish – Carrick on Suir, Rathgormack Parish – Carrick on Suir, Carlingford and Omeath Parish – Carlingford and St. Brigid’s Parish – Faughart.

Members of the Province also work in various pastoral ministries including hospital chaplaincy.
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